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Hi, I'm

Marissa Laughlin

Functional Nutritionist,

Holistic Facialist, Yoga Instructor and host of the Wellness on Purpose Podcast.

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Marissa Laughlin

Marissa Laughlin, RHN & FDN-P, is a Functional Nutritionist with training in functional lab testing and natural approaches to supporting your gut, hormones, and metabolism. I have spent the last 9 years helping individuals navigate their health and wellness journey. From IBS, acne, celiac, chronic constipation, hormonal imbalances, to fatigue, brain fog, inflammation and more.

Unlike other practitioners, I will take the guess work out of the equation by using accurate and professional functional lab testing, to correlate your symptoms to your results and support the underlying imbalances and dysfunction. In case you didn’t know, you deserve to be well and your future depends on it! So, let's work together to regain your health so you can start to feel yourself again.

“As your nutritionist, we will co-create a realistic, sustainable and impactful protocol to support your state of health now and maintain wellbeing, always.”

Marissa Laughlin

in addition to offering 1:1 Functional Nutrition Consulting, I am have also partnered with Jo Anne's Place Health Foods to host the Wellness on Purpose Podcast. Listen and learn more about wellness trends here

Lastly, when I am not helping people with their hormones, gut or metabolic health, I am helping people reach a deep state of relaxation during holistic facial treatments or classic hatha yoga classes.

Functional Nutrition Consulting

Individualized WELLNESS plans

During our time together, I will be taking you through 3 phases. The duration of these phases depends on your current health concerns, the results of your lab testing and how committed and compliment you are to your healing protocol. You can expect this journey to last 3-6+ months.




2-4 weeks

10-12 weeks

1 foundational pillars phase

Immediate symptoms relief care and implementing long term supportive lifestyle habits while we investigate underlying causes to your current state of health

2 targeted

healing phase

Review and interpret your function lab testing and create an individualized healing protocol

3 maintenance


I will provide you with the tools to maintain your health and well being long term

At this time, I am currently taking new and existing client through Jo Anne's Place Health Foods.

To learn more about this offering and to book your initial consultation, click here.

Holistic Facial Treatment

60 minutes of pure bliss

This offering is a transformation facial that includes lymphatic drainage, intuitive massage and holistic tools to lift,

sculpt, strengthen and release your facial muscles.

During your 60 minute facial, your parasympathetic nervous system will be activated to allow your entire mind and body

to reach a state of deep relaxation and sense of calm. By reaching this state, you will experience less stress, glowing

skin and improved happiness.

Each holistic facial is unquie to your current and desired skin concerns. Your facial may include but not limited .to

the following tools, gua sha, facial cups, manual massage, Kansa wand, warm compresses or jade rolling with the

addition of organic oils and hydrators.


$89 + tax


At this time, I am operating out of Bloom Health in Peterborough on Saturdays.

In the Spring, I will be re-opening my home studio space in Keene with additional weekday availability.


Client Testimonials

Marissa taught me a wealth of nutritional food knowledge & provided concise weekly meal plans that are easy to follow.

Nutrition clienT- S.M

Short turnaround for my results with Marissa , which was fantastic as I wanted to to get to the bottom of my issues and get started on the next steps of healthier me journey. Marissa was great at breaking down the testing results and provided me with a step by step plan to follow including the supplements to incorporate to help with hormone imbalances. It has been a month now and I have noticed less night sweats less sugar cravings and more energy. I would absolutely recommend Hormone testing to get your actual numbers not just “ your within the range” from blood tests.

nutrition client - J.L

Marissa is a beautiful individual. She’s kind and has a warm energy about her so I feel very comfortable during my treatment. She truly has the best intentions when it comes to your skin, she’s personalizes the session to your needs and concerns. Which is wonderful for someone who is acne prone. I always feel relaxed and glowy after the session.

FACIAL client - A.P

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